JMP Connections: The Art of Utilizing ConnectionsIn Your Data
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More About This Title JMP Connections: The Art of Utilizing ConnectionsIn Your Data


Achieve best-in-class metrics and get more from your data with JMP

JMP Connections is the small- and medium-sized business owner's guide to exceeding customer expectations by getting more out of your data using JMP. Uniquely bifunctional, this book is divided into two parts: the first half of the book shows you what JMP can do for you. You'll discover how to wring every last drop of insight out of your data, and let JMP parse reams of raw numbers into actionable insight that leads to better strategic decisions. You'll also discover why it works so well; clear explanations break down the Connectivity platform and metrics in business terms to demystify data analysis and JMP while giving you a macro view of the benefits that come from optimal implementation. The second half of the book is for your technical team, demonstrating how to implement specific solutions relating to data set development and data virtualization. In the end, your organization reduces Full Time Equivalents while increasing productivity and competitiveness.

JMP is a powerful tool for business, but many organizations aren't even scratching the surface of what their data can do for them. This book provides the information and technical guidance your business needs to achieve more.

  • Learn what a JMP Connectivity Platform can do for your business
  • Understand Metrics-on-Demand, Real-Time Metrics, and their implementation
  • Delve into technical implementation with information on configuration and management, version control, data visualization, and more
  • Make better business decisions by getting more and better information from your data

Business leadership relies on good information to make good business decisions—but what if you could increase the quality of the information you receive, while getting more of what you want to know and less of what you don't need to know? How would that affect strategy, operations, customer experience, and other critical areas? JMP can help with that, and JMP Connections provides real, actionable guidance on getting more out of JMP.


JOHN WUBBEL is a data science software engineer with a decade of experience using JMP® to manufacture products in the life science pharmaceutical industry. His most recent work includes using structured data in graph database systems for advanced analytics, as well as modeling and structuring data for artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Preface xv

Chapter 1 Generalized Context for Decision Process Improvement 1

1.1 Situational Assessment (Current State) 3

1.2 Problem Statement 11

1.3 Visualizing State Transition 15

1.4 Metrics On-Demand 20

Chapter 2 Real-Time Metrics Business Case 25

2.1 Project Description and Objectives—A Case Study 27

2.2 Solution Description 31

2.3 Cost and Benefit Analysis 34

2.4 Financial Assessment 37

2.5 Implementation Timeline 42

2.5.1 Contemplating Startup 42

2.5.2 Skills Dependencies and Timeline Consideration 44

2.5.3 Implementation Starting Point 46

2.5.4 Implementation to Deployment 49

2.6 Critical Assumptions and Risk Assessment 50

2.6.1 Critical Assumptions 50

2.6.2 Risk Assessment 51

2.7 Recommendations: Transmigrate the Enterprise 58

Chapter 3 Technical Details and Practical Implementation 63

3.1 Hardware Foundations 69

3.2 Solution Stack 70

3.3 Integration of Hardware and Software Infrastructure 72

3.4 Build Out 72

3.5 The Construction of a Metric 79

3.6 Metric Case Study 80

Chapter 4 Harvesting Benefits and Extensibility 99

4.1 Benefits Example 100

4.2 Extensibility 101

4.3 Configuration Management Version Control 102

Chapter 5 So What About a Bad Economy? 107

5.1 Overachievement—Data Virtualization 110

5.2 JMP Connection as the Universal Server 114

5.3 Well-Formed Data 117

5.4 Linked Data 120

Chapter 6 Decision Streams 133

Chapter 7 Delivery and Presentations 139

7.1 Push Versus Pull Delivery 140

7.2 Presentation 143

7.3 DIY, But Leave the Poor Bi Person Alone! 156

7.4 Advanced Presentation Method 157

Chapter 8 In Closing (As-Built) 163

Glossary 169

Appendix A Server-Side PHP Code 173

Appendix B JMP JSL Time Constant Learning Curve Script 175

Appendix C JMP GUI User Interface Code Example 181

Appendix D Resource Description Framework File Example 185

Appendix E Sample Hardware Requirements 191

Appendix F Early Warning Deliverable 193

Appendix G JMP PRO Connections: The Transversality of the Capability Maturity Model 203

G.1 Tangential Concept 204

G.2 Transversal Concept 205

G.3 Univariate to Multivariate Process Control 206

G.4 JMP Process Screening 208

G.5 Transversal Maturity Space in Relation to JMP PRO Features 210

G.6 Summary 212

References 213

Suggested Reading 217

Index 219