Troika Elementary Russian Annotated Instructors Edition
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More About This Title Troika Elementary Russian Annotated Instructors Edition


Conquer the first stage of the Russian language with a communicative approach that goes beyond memorizing vocabulary! Troika will take students through all aspects of beginning Russian study, including the language, life, and culture of today's Russian people.

Develop students' speaking, listening, writing,and reading skills with the following: 1) 18 Lessons that address a wide variety of topics ranging from Nationalities and Languages, to Daily Schedules. 2) A step-by-step approach to learning, with every lesson divided into sub-topics featuring their own exercises to allow for testing of the material in segments. 3) A variety of diverse student activities such as oral discussions, pre- and post-reading activities and writing exercises to foster group work as well as independent study. 4) A full end-of-chapter grammar discussion, with exercises to foster the development of accurate communication skills. 5) Authentic readings that are interwoven with the chapter topics, rather than in separate sections, to capture students' attention 6) Cultural sections on famous people, as well as facts in geography, history and tradition, to enhance student appreciation of Russian life as well as language.