Focus on Survival
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"A tale of love and hate, war and peace, pain and joy, fear and exhilaration!
Based on a true story of survival and intrigue commencing before World War II, the story leads us into the fast-moving changes brought by the Nazi Occupation in Holland.
Ben, a successful third-generation photographer prepares to stand against the Establishment. Together with Em, his wife, they show incredible courage and artful deception, playing ?cat and mouse? with the Nazis, assisting the Underground with forged passports, utilizing the black market, struggling to provide sustenance for their growing family, and against great odds, succeeding as winners.
During the war, they also have the added challenge of coping with two sons born with haemophilia. They learn the pain of losing loved ones, and the compassion it yields, contrastingly the joy that even the simplest things in life can bring.
Join in the relief and exuberance that ?V-E Day? brings and in the time of peace that follows as their hopes begin to be fulfilled."

Exhibited At: International book fairs