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"Julie Bayl, born in 1950, grew up in Sydney, Australia. Upon leaving school, she was torn between a career in architecture or social work, being offered a four-year scholarship for a cadetship with a renowned Sydney architectural firm or another option involving her love for people. She chose social community work. In 1971 she married Charles Bayl, whose family had emigrated from Holland to Australia in 1953 seeking a better life. She and Charles moved to Cowra, Central New South Wales, in 1974 and later had three children, Anita, Paul and David. They now have two delightful grandsons, Lennon and Banjo. Soon after her marriage to Charles, her mother-in-law Marlene (Em) shared experiences the family had during the Occupation of Holland in World War II, which really intrigued Julie. Sadly in 1972 Ben passed away suddenly. So with Marlene?s approval, she began to write this exciting and heart-warming story about ordinary people doing extraordinary things?a story that needs to be told. Marlene passed away in 1998."
It is a true story about Ben Bijl, who was the Underground photographer during WWII helping In forging passports and new photo ids for Jewish people trying to escape the Nazis. I’m looking for readers or publishers who would promote this intriguing true story. * I am looking for educators who are interested in case histories of how civilians coped in war torn countries during World War II. * I believe most people in western countries have not experienced the deprivation and heartache of war in their homeland. This true story shares a virtually unknown experience and heroic efforts of ordinary people to survive a world in turmoil not just for a few weeks but up to five long heart wrenching years. It also demonstrates the ingenuity of people when survival is paramount. * I am looking for people who love reading true stories and human interest. * I am also looking for people, young, old, men or women who want to feel inspired and encouraged when life is at its lowest. * I am looking for a publisher who can see the paramount potential this book has to draw readers and make sales.