Paediatric Emergency Triage
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More About This Title Paediatric Emergency Triage


This book is a companion to the highly successful and well established book, Emergency Triage, which is the core text for the Manchester Triage System (MTS), used in hospitals worldwide. Paediatric Emergency Triage addresses the differences between prioritising emergencies in children and babies and those in adults, based on the evidence. The tendency to over-prioritise is discussed. It is ideal for both paediatric and adult emergency departments, and in prehospital settings, whether in primary care, or in emergency situations on the ground.

This book has been written by the authors of the original Emergency Triage text and edited by paediatric emergency experts from around the world, making it relevant for all the markets in which the MTS is used.  

Table of Contents

 1: Introduction

 2: The decision-making process and triage

 3: The triage method

 4: Pain assessment as part of the triage process

 5: Patient management, triage and the triage nurse

 6: Auditing the triage process

 7: Telephone triage

 8: Beyond prioritisation