Hazardous Incident Medical Management and Support (HAZIMMS): The Practical Approach
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More About This Title Hazardous Incident Medical Management and Support (HAZIMMS): The Practical Approach


This new book on special incident management covers the hazardous incidents that frequently occur during chemical processing, manufacturing, transport, and disposal of toxic waste. This straightforward and practical guide is easily assimilated in an emergency situation. This is a highly important addition to the series; it covers the protection and safety of hospital staff as well as dealing with the patient’s safety.

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This in-depth review of hazardous materials and how to respond to incidents involving them includes a compilation of resources for preparation, risk assessment, equipment and personal protective equipment.
• Deals with common incidents such as spillage of chemical materials
• Practical easy to follow guidance on the team response
• Alerts to optimum safety and protection measures
• Includes guides to the emergency services and hospital staff regarding the identification of hazards
• Details the lingering effects of trauma in comprehensive appendices; including psychological impacts, epidemiological investigations and further reading on the subject
• Outlines medical support roles and protocols for these hazardous situations