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A passionate, off-beat love story set on the bleak and beautiful island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. Shortlisted for the WAVERTON GOOD READ AWARD 2006 & runner-up for the PURE PASSION award 2006 (North West Libraries' award promoting romantic fiction.)



Rose Leonard is on the run from her life.

Haunted by her turbulent past, she takes refuge in a remote Hebridean island community where she cocoons herself in work, silence and solitude in a house by the sea. Life and new love are offered by friends, her estranged daughter and most of all by Calum, a fragile younger man who has his own demons to exorcise.

But does Rose, with her tenuous hold on sanity, have the courage to say "Yes" to life and put her past behind her?...


Linda Gillard lives on the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands and has been an actress, journalist and teacher. She’s the author of six novels, including STAR GAZING (Piatkus), short-listed in 2009 for Romantic Novel of the Year and the Robin Jenkins Literary Award (for writing that promotes the Scottish landscape.) STAR GAZING was also voted Favourite Romantic Novel 1960 - 2010 by Woman's Weekly readers.

Linda's fourth novel, HOUSE OF SILENCE became a Kindle bestseller, selling over 20,000 copies in its first year. It was selected by Amazon as one of their Top Ten "Best of 2011" in the Indie Author category.

Linda’s latest indie ebook is a supernatural love story, THE GLASS GUARDIAN.


"I dropped everything to read it. Read it that very night, in fact. In one solid chunk. I had things to do, sleep to get, work to wake up for, and yet none of it mattered and nothing could tear me away from this breathtaking story... I've been dreaming of Scotland for the past several nights and I have this book to thank for it."
ANGIEVILLE (US book blog)

“The emotional power makes this reviewer reflect on how Charlotte and Emily Bronte might have written if they were living and writing now.”

“A book about madness, memory and mountaineering that defies categorisation. A love story filled with passion and paint-stripping honesty.” HIGHLANDS & ISLANDS ARTS JOURNAL

“Lyrical, intriguing and haunting.” ISLA DEWAR (Women Talking Dirty)

"Complex and important issues are played out in the windswept beauty of a Hebridean island setting, with a hero who is definitely in the Mr Darcy league!"

"What I most liked about it was the writer's evident love for fabric, handiwork of various kinds and the way she brings a whole landscape to life." ADELE GERAS (Facing the Light)

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