The Serena Wilcox Dystopian Trilogy
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Futuristic America is governed by two presidents, John Williams and President Ann Kinji. Corruption, greed and conspiracies lead to bodies piling up and nothing is as it seems. The fate of the world is in the uncoordinated hands of government outsider, former private detective mother-of-three Serena Wilcox and her motley crew of vigilantes, burned agents & the criminally insane. As the United States continues to spiral out of control, can Serena stop all of the traitors before they kill the President? As the layers of betrayal are peeled, will anyone remain standing?
The Serena Wilcox Dystopian Trilogy begins with bestselling Angels Mark; continues with Covert Coffee’s dystopian, eerie, and intense vibe; and ends with a spellbinding finale in Bluebird Flown. Natalie Buske Thomas does it again in her plot-within-a-plot style of suspense that is impossible to predict. Because some of the plot elements in Angels Mark and Covert Coffee have already popped up in the headlines, readers may fear that the author is less of a fiction writer and more of a psychic. Do you dare read what dire predictions lie within the plot of Bluebird Flown?
With themes like "the crack in the Social Media Channel", which describes an Internet-within-the-Internet where communications cannot be heard or traced, the secret political strategy of RDAD, and much, much more, mystery meets horror and suspense. But don't worry, the intensity of the Serena Wilcox dystopian trilogy is delightfully lighter when Serena and crew bring humor and absurdities to what would otherwise be a terrifying read. The Serena Wilcox Dystopian Trilogy is a book you'll see play out on tomorrow's news.


Natalie loves all things Irish, oil painting, sugar cookies, the color red, pizza, live music, and singing. She is author of books for all ages and enjoys people who are still capable of having an imagination, of having a sense of wonder, of feeling hopeful and full of energy, of feeling as if anything is possible, of feeling afraid of scary things and unafraid of the rest... of having courage, of being selfless, of being spontaneous, of recognizing humor, and of living life to the absolute fullest.

Natalie was born in upstate New York, raised in Indiana, and then lived in Germany for three years. She currently resides near the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Minnesota). Natalie would one day like to time travel, but for now she writes about it.

Natalie Buske Thomas is also an oil painter, singer-songwriter, and entertainer.