String Bridge
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Melody loves to play guitar. She almost becomes a rock star. But then she falls in love with Alex and gives birth to her daughter, Tessa.

Fast forward.

Melody loves her daughter and her husband, the music promoter. Her guitar sits dusty in the corner of her bedroom.


Melody can't bear it any longer and plots a return to the stage, and the person she used to be. But the obstacles she faces along the way--are nothing--compared to the tragedy that awaits.


Her desire to have an affair? Well, Button Boy is quite charming ...

Did you know?
This novel is accompanied by an all-original soundtrack, written and performed by the author, entitled: Melody Hill: On the Other Side. If you purchase this book, please visit the author's website to find out how to receive your complimentary digital copy.


If Jessica Bell could choose only one creative mentor, she'd give the role to Euterpe, the Greek muse of music and lyrics. This is not only because she currently resides in Athens, Greece, but because of her life as a 30-something Australian-native contemporary fiction author, award-winning poet and singer/songwriter/guitarist, whose literary inspiration often stems from songs she's written.

Being the daughter of a semi-famous rock 'n' roll duo from Melbourne, she grew up surrounded by song. For a while it seemed logical to travel the musician's path, especially when her first band, spAnk, hit it off in the Melbourne indie music scene back in the late 90s. Although she spent her years writing and recording dozens of songs she decided she also had a love for the written word, and began to pursue a career as a writer.

She started as a poet, drawing from her musical background and etching her thoughts and feelings into verse. Those stanzas soon turned into sentences and paragraphs, and eventually into published books. Her literary voice is said to overflow with "lyrical descriptions, unique metaphors, tight dialogue, and an abundance of sensory detail." She has also been told she has the ability to take a seemingly ordinary three-chord type story and turn it into a main stage event.

In addition to her novels, her poetry collections (including FABRIC, which was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards in 2012), and her pocket writing guides (WRITING IN A NUTSHELL SERIES), she has published a variety of works in online and print literary journals and anthologies, including Australia's Cordite Review, and the anthologies 100 STORIES FOR QUEENSLAND and SHADOWS AT THE STAGE DOOR, both released through Australia's, eMergent Publishing.

Additionally, she is the Co-Publishing Editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and makes a living as an editor/writer for English Language Teaching publishers worldwide, such as Pearson Education, HarperCollins, Macmillan Education, Education First and Cengage Learning.

Note: Check out the Homeric Writers' Retreat & Workshop she annually runs. In 2012 she had Chuck Sambuchino of Writer's Digest, this year, 2013, she has Katharine Sands, New York literary agent as the main instructor.


"This is one of those books that's so familiar, and filled with so much emotion, you'll be crawling for the door." ~Leigh Talbert Moore, author of The Truth About Faking and Rouge

"String Bridge was a wonderful book. One theme is that if you do not have people supporting you in reaching your dreams, you will not take the next step. ... halfway into the book, I really was glued to it. I realized that I was reading part of my life. The author did a wonderful job of creating the story." Mary Barrett, Book Reviewer for The Nashville News (Illinois)

"String Bridge caught my attention from the first paragraph to the last. Jessica Bell wraps her story around you like a thick, fragrant Greek breeze you don't want to leave. From her vibrant descriptions to the plot twists that could make anyone gulp back tears, I fell in love with this book. Not only did this poignant story strike rich, beautiful chords within me, it made me look at myself and my own relationships in a way I won't forget easily. If you love a deep, musical journey in your novels, put this one on your must-read list!" ~Michelle Davidson Argyle, author of The Breakaway

"Jessica Bell paints a claustrophobic vision of life where domesticity becomes a ever-diminishing prison cell. With gripping prose and terse dialogue, String Bridge is a powerful debut novel from a very talented writer." ~Talli Roland, bestselling author of The Hating Game and Build a Man