Composing Research, Communicating Results
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Composing Research, Communicating Results: Writing the Communication Research Paper provides communication students with the knowledge and necessary tools to compose a variety of course-required papers that are scholarly, accessible, and well-written.
  • The first work of its kind to take students from brainstorming to outlining to sentence and paragraph construction to paper presentation, drawing on student-written examples
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of passive voice, point of view, commonly accepted citation styles, and more, with current and relatable student-written examples
  • Covers common writing assignments in communication and related courses, including the literature review, application paper, and empirical research paper
  • Four pedagogical features enhance comprehension and support learning: “Write Away” quick exercises, integratable “Building Blocks” assignments, “Engaging Ethics” tips, and “Student Spotlight” examples


Kurt Lindemann is Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Communication at San Diego State University (SDSU). He also serves as the Director of the Center for the Study of Media and Performance, an interdisciplinary center at SDSU focused on the critical inquiry of live art and screen culture. Dr. Lindemann has taught courses in English composition, communication theory and methods, and more, and has published numerous scholarly and magazine articles, fiction, and poetry.


Preface ix

Acknowledgments xiii

1 So You Have to Write a Research Paper … 1

2 Brainstorm and Research: Formulating and Answering Questions 21

3 Making Arguments, Providing Support 43

4 Style and Format: How to Say What You Want to Say 73

5 Writing the Literature Review: Arguing for Audiences 101

6 Application and Reaction Papers 117

7 Writing Empirical Research Papers 127

8 What Next? Presenting and Publishing Papers 145

Index 161