Confidence Pocketbook - Little Exercises for aSelf-Assured Life
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More About This Title Confidence Pocketbook - Little Exercises for aSelf-Assured Life


Stop being a passenger in your own life. Believe in yourself and start driving!

The Confidence Pocketbook is your take-everywhere guide to confidence and self-esteem. Packed with over 100 simple tips, techniques, ideas and suggestions, this book is your ultimate companion for facing life head-on — even during the most awkward or nerve-wracking moments. Whether you flounder in social situations, second-guess your every decision or doubt your own abilities, author Gill Hasson can help you live your life with confidence. Each page in this book presents a specific scenario in which confidence is key, and shows you the little ways in which you can act — and feel — more confident every day. Keep this guide with you as a constant reminder to believe in yourself; dip in for a quick bit of advice in tricky situations, or read and re-read the pages that hit closest to home. By making tiny yet impactful changes to your outlook, your habits and your attitude, you'll develop the confidence to cope with challenges and the optimism to say everything will turn out fine.

Public speaking, job interviews, first dates, big projects, new opportunities — confidence is key to them all. This book shows you how to develop the confidence you need to succeed in all areas of life and feel good about yourself every single day.

  • Handle life's difficulties with grace and style
  • Access tailor-made advice for any situation on the spot
  • Recognise your own shine and allow others to see it too

Low self-esteem can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so don't let it fester. If you can't see how capable you are, how can anyone else? Don't miss out on life — put the Confidence Pocketbook to work for you, and start taking on the world.


Gill Hasson is a careers coach with over 20 years' experience in the areas of personal and career development, as well as teaching and tutoring for mental health organisations. Gill also teaches and delivers training courses for adult education organisations, voluntary and business organisations and the public sector. Gill is the author of the bestselling Mindfulness Pocketbook (2015) Mindfulness (2013), Emotional Intelligence (2014), the Sunday Times bestseller How to Deal with Difficult People (2015), plus other books on the subjects of resilience, communication skills and assertiveness.


Introduction 1

Part 1: The Foundation Stones of Confidence 3

Understanding confidence 4

Understanding self-esteem 6

Avoiding the comparison trap 8

Being with positive people 10

Doing things you enjoy 12

Having goals to aim for 14

Having realistic expectations 16

Taking steps to build confidence 18

Having the courage to be confident 20

Knowing your values 22

Identifying and acknowledging your strengths 24

Managing failings and foibles 26

Thinking positively and having hope 28

Speaking with confidence 30

Having confident body language 32

Part 2: Personal Confidence 35

Stepping out of your comfort zone 36

Letting go and moving on 38

Taking risks 40

Tuning in to your intuition 42

Having a confident body image 44

Changing your job or career 46

Calming confidence 48

Making confident decisions 50

Changing your mind 52

Returning to learn 54

Making mistakes 56

Coping with change 58

Coping with setbacks to your confidence 60

Travelling with confidence 62

Returning to work 64

Part 3: Social Confidence 67

Making small talk 68

Giving and taking compliments 70

Networking with confidence 72

Speaking up 74

Speaking out 76

Asking for what you want 78

Saying no 80

Letting someone down 82

Dealing with criticism 84

Giving constructive criticism 86

Preparing for a job interview 88

Speaking in public 90

Helping other people 92

Asking for help 94

Dealing with bullies 96

Getting respect 98

Making new friends 100

About the Author 102

More Quotes 103

Useful Websites 109