Clinical Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare -Values into Action 2nd Edition
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More About This Title Clinical Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare -Values into Action 2nd Edition


Clinical leadership, along with values-based care and compassion, are critical in supporting the development of high quality healthcare service and delivery.  Clinical Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare: Values into Action offers a range of tools and topics that support and foster clinically focused nurses and other healthcare professionals to develop their leadership potential.

The new edition has been updated in light of recent key changes in health service approaches to care and values.  Divided into three parts, it offers information on the attributes of clinical leaders, as well as the tools healthcare students and staff can use to develop their leadership potential.  It also outlines a number of principles, frameworks and topics that support nurses and healthcare professionals to develop and deliver effective clinical care as clinical leaders.  Covering a wide spectrum of practical topics, Clinical Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare includes information on:

  • Theories of leadership and management
  • Organisational culture
  • Gender
  • Generational issues and leaders
  • Project management
  • Quality initiatives
  • Working in teams
  • Managing change
  • Effective clinical decision making
  • How to network and delegate
  • How to deal with conflict
  • Implementing evidence-based practice

Each chapter also has a range of reflective questions and self-assessments to help consolidate learning.  Itis invaluable reading for all nursing and healthcare professionals, as well as students and those newly qualified.



David Stanley is Associate Professor in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health, Charles Sturt University, Australia.


Notes on Contributors xix

Foreword xxiii

Preface xxv

Acknowledgements xxvii

Part I Clinical Leaders: Role Models for Values into Action 1

1 Clinical Leadership Explored 5
David Stanley

2 Leadership Theories and Styles 25
David Stanley

3 Followership 47
David Stanley

4 Congruent Leadership 59
David Stanley

5 Leadership and Management 91
David Stanley

Part II Clinical Leadership Tools: How to Influence Quality, Innovation and Change 107

6 Organisational Culture, Clinical Leadership and Congruent Leadership 109
David Stanley and Sally Carvalho

7 Managing Change 125
David Stanley

8 Clinical Decision Making 149
Veronica Swallow, Joanna Smith and Trish Smith

9 Creativity 167
David Stanley

10 Team Working 185
David Stanley

11 Networking and Delegation 203
Linda Malone

12 Dealing with Conflict 215
Linda Malone

13 Motivation and Inspiration 235
David Stanley

14 Creating a Spirit of Enquiry 247
David Stanley and Judith Anderson

15 Reflection and Emotional Intelligence 265
Karen Stanley

16 Quality Initiatives and Project Management 275
David Stanley

Part III Clinical Leadership Issues: The Context of Values in Action 289

17 Gender, Generational Groups and Leadership 291
David Stanley

18 Power, Politics and Leadership 309
David Stanley

19 Empowerment and Oppression 325
David Stanley

20 Clinical Leaders and Congruent Leadership 341
David Stanley

Index 349