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Plays...And How to Produce Them provides a basic introduction for all individuals and groups wishing to undertake the production of a play. It is aimed at the amateur enthusiast and anyone intending to pursue their interest further and undertake professional training.

The author, who has over 30 years of experience in drama, takes the reader through the production of a play step by step, from setting up a drama group to the first night and entire run. The book can be read straight through or consulted as a handy reference work.

Includes sections on starting a drama group, financing, organising and attracting members; choosing a director, choosing plays, auditions and casting; stage management, lighting, sound, costume, props, and prompting; music and choreography; choosing a venue, and designing and building sets; rehearsing and rehearsal schedules; actors' games and exercises, and make-up; publicity and media coverage; technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, first nights, last nights, get-ins and get-outs.

Additional sections deal with special concerns and interests: producing plays in the open air; schools productions; producing plays with non-English speakers; expatriate productions; plays without scripts; producing Shakespeare and Brecht. The resources section includes plentiful information about helpful drama organisations.


Dr. David Carter has taught at several UK universities and presently teaches at Yonsei University, Seoul. He has published on psychoanalysis, literature, drama, film history and applied linguistics, and is also a freelance writer and journalist. He has more than 30 years experience with amateur drama, as actor, director and for many years as chairman of a leading group in the South of England. He has written Pocket Essentials on Georges Simenon, Literary Theory and Kamera Books on East Asian Cinema and The Western.


'If you’re only going to buy one ‘get to know the theatre‘ book, this should be that purchase' - Film and Movie Making

'a wonderful addition to the reference library' - National Operatic and Dramatic Association News

'a comprehensive and clear checklist for anyone putting on their first play, and it's a useful work to dip into for the slightly more experienced producer - a great comfort title.' -