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Today, people can watch television shows, feature films, live sporting events, and just about anything they want on their computers, tablets or phones. As the new media marketplace continues to grow, so does demand for original content and opportunities for filmmakers. Online distributors – such as YouTube, Hulu, and Funny or Die – are interested in acquiring web series (episodic digital entertainment, like mini-TV shows) that attract audiences and appeal to advertisers.

Web TV Series... How to Make and Market Them provides advice and expertise to help readers create their own original, successful online shows – projects that can be profitable, potentially developed into film or television properties, and help to start a career in the industry. Readers will learn how to develop characters and stories designed for new media platforms, and find tips for planning, shooting, and editing that are tailored specifically to web series production. This book also extensively covers the latest distribution platforms and social media marketing strategies, as well as examples of how to find financial sustainability through advertisers, branded content, and sponsorship partners. Web Series has all of the tools necessary for both aspiring and experienced filmmakers to make the most of this growing new medium.


Dan Williams is a new media writer and producer working on original independent, sponsored, and branded entertainment projects. Most recently, he created and produced a dramatic web series that was sold to BET Networks. He is a member of the International Academy of Web Television, regularly participates in industry panels, and guest lectures at universities. Dan has also worked at talent agencies and television studios, in development and production. His credits include Creator/Writer/Producer of Asylum, Co-Producer of GIA - Girls Intelligence Agency and Producer/Assistant Director of Blue Movies. He currently lives in Los Angeles.


'Dan Williams provides the background and information you need to start a Web TV series, whilst encouraging you to develop your own individuality and creative processes' - Kamera Film Salon

'This book encourages quality work, and does a quality job of instructing it' - Write So Fluid