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Strategic Management of e-Business presents the established models of strategic management and their sustainability to the e-commerce environment. The text discusses the strategic management of e-Business. Both "back-office" systems and e-commerce systems are described and analysed. Since management models have changed as a consequence of greater technology, increased Internet usage to build closer links with suppliers and customers, there is increased focus on the management models that create and maintain value, improve supply chain management, establish and sustain sound customer relationships and create strategic networks. It is these new business objectives and associated management paradigms that are outlined in this new Australasian text.

The text adopts a "post dot-com crash" organisational perspective on e-Business and e-Commerce, focusing on those elements that will be important in the future. Thus topics such as e-business strategy, m-Commerce and mobile computing, customer relationship management, and supply chain management are given prominent treatment along with the usual major topics of IT management.

Due to the interrelation between IT and e-Business this text is ideal for both IT management and e-business management units. Students are provided with the strategies and models for successful management of e-commerce initiatives.


Chapter on m-commerceChapters on e-business and SME\'sComprehensive and diverse case studies at the end of each chapter represent typical business case scenarios that apply the theory and models presented in the textReflects current research in strategic management of e-commerceWritten for all students undertaking study in strategic e-commerceCombines strategy and human factorsHighlights the importance of creating value in business relationships as well as ethical governance\'Thinking Strategically\' vignettes in each chapter pose various business scenarios and ask the student to assess and offer a strategic solution



Chapter 1 Introduction to e-business

Chapter 2 Adopting appropriate e-business models

Chapter 3 E-business strategy formulation

Chapter 4 E-business strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises

Chapter 5 Organisational transformation enabled by information technology and the Internet

Chapter 6 Transforming external relationships with suppliers

Chapter 7 Transforming external relationships with customers

Chapter 8 Strategies for managing information and knowledge in e-business

Chapter 9 Strategic sourcing of resources, capabilities and competencies

Chapter 10 E-business and strategic business networks

Chapter 11 Mobile computing

Chapter 12 IT governance: Delivering value from e-business