Build Your Reputation - Grow Your Personal BrandFor Career And Business Success
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More About This Title Build Your Reputation - Grow Your Personal BrandFor Career And Business Success


Stop being a well-kept secret and start being the go-to choice

Your reputation is what people say about you when you're not there. It's your most powerful asset for business growth, career enhancement and freedom of choice in many aspects of life. Yet too many people leave it to chance. They are a well-kept secret – it's not enough to be the best, you have to be seen to be the best.

Build Your Reputation will show you how to master the skills of brand-building to develop a powerful profile and a formidable name. You'll learn how to identify your brand and where it fits into the big picture, and then you'll learn how to become the obvious choice for whatever it is you do. Becoming known isn't a matter of chance, nor is it a matter of luck – it's a practical set of highly coachable skills that anyone can learn. Learn how to build credibility, connect with the right people and make your achievements known.

  • Identify and build your personal brand
  • Position yourself strategically for maximum impact
  • Attract the right relationships and the right attention
  • Become the go-to guru for whatever you do

The highest-paid people in any company, industry or profession are not necessarily the most qualified, gifted or best. They're the most popular. They are liked, trusted, recommended, chosen, hired and introduced. Build Your Reputation gives you the inside track to the top, with practical wisdom and strategic advice for building your own brand.


ROB BROWN is Founder and CEO of the Networking Coaching Academy, which helps people build connections and reputations for greater influence and career opportunities. A featured TEDx speaker, Rob is also one of the world's most recommended networking authorities according to LinkedIn.

His Networking Giants Radio Show features experts from all over the world discussing collaborative and connected workforces, referrals, business networking, communicating, influence, trust, likeability, personal branding and reputation building.

He lives in Nottingham, UK, the home of Robin Hood, with his wife Amanda and two daughters Georgia and Madison. He has a black belt in kickboxing, loves chocolate and fitness bootcamps, enjoys chess and backgammon, and plays four musical instruments moderately well.


Foreword vii

Introduction 1

PART ONE: Laying the Foundations 9

1 Why Build Your Reputation? 11

2 Setting The Scene – The Career Game 37

3 Your Reputation Game Plan 57

4 The Networking Blueprint 79

5 The Authority Blueprint 101

PART TWO: The Four Reputational Toolboxes 123

6 Your Profile Toolbox: Visibility 131

7 Your Positioning Toolbox: Authority 155

8 Your Personal Board Toolbox: Network 177

9 Your Professional Toolbox: Performance 209

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Additional Resources 243

About the Author 245

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“In a competitive world of sameness, noise and low trust, Rob Brown's excellent guide to reputation building gives busy corporate executives and professionals the definitive guide to standing out in a crowd.”
Jeff Black, President & CEO, Black Sheep Inc

"Over 100 practical strategies to get your name out there.  Just do 10% of what Rob Brown tells, and in a year's time your life, reputation and positioning will be completely transformed."
Daniel Barnett Barrister, Broadcaster and Keynote Speaker

“Simply brilliant. A tour de force of why and how to build you reputation. An invaluable and intensely practical must read”
Steve Pipe, Author of ‘The world’s Most Inspiring accountants’

“As a thought leader, your reputation is your most valuable asset. Without it, you have no trust and no credibility and no business. If you're an expert looking to stand out in a competitive industry, this is your blueprint success.”
Warren Knight, Social Media Strategist Social Sales Strategist and Award Winning Entrepreneur

“If you want to succeed in business today, you need a strong reputation; people need to know, trust and like you. In this book, Rob Brown sets out exactly how you can stand out giving over 100 strategies that you can use to build your most valuable career and business asset. Rob knows what he is talking about so read this book and set your sights on being the number one go-to person in your field.”
Gavin Ingham, Author of ‘Motivate People’

'Standing up and standing out for something is one of the few paths to success in life. Few people achieve this, usually because they don't know exactly how. This book by Rob Brown gives you the answers to practically make that happen - a must read for anyone who wants to get on in life.”
Geoff Burch, international business expert, TV presenter & best selling author

“To excel in any business or industry you need to make sure you create and maintain an excellent personal reputation.  In this book Rob shares in detail how you go about achieving that brilliantly and gives you a roadmap to success.”
Simon Chaplin, Founder of Socks Up Simon

“You can't buy a good reputation and building one needn't cost you a fortune either. Rob Brown walks his talk and his reputation will inspire you as you read this book. Make reading it your first step in your journey to a great reputation”
Robert Ashton The Barefoot Entrepreneur

“Reputation matters! If you aspire to rise to the top of your ‘career game’, then Rob Brown’s book is a must read for you. This brilliant book guides you on how to strategically create and market your personal brand so you stand out in the competitive world of business as a leader and corporate influencer.”
Adèle McLay Business Growth Strategist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Keynote Speaker, Author

”If you want to stand out from the crowd and get ahead, then Rob Brown's excellent guide will give you all the tools you need to build a world class reputation and network that will get you through any doors.”
Nigel Risner, Award Winning Leadership Speaker

“Understanding, respecting and leveraging your reputation is key to a successful career. It's what you got you where you are and what will shape your future. This book helps by renowned reputation authority Rob Brown gives you the tools for taking charge of this most valuable asset. “
Adam Harris Vistage Chair and business coach and speaker

“I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Rob’s TEDx Talk on YouTube (twice!), listening to him being interviewed on podcasts, and hearing him talk live. So I eagerly grabbed hold of a copy of his new book at the earliest opportunity. Within minutes of scanning through it I found a brilliant nugget which I highlighted, and I soon found more. I loved those sudden rushes of dopamine. Rob’s book is hugely practical and he writes with delightful playfulness. I’m very happy to recommend it highly.”
Christopher John Payne, Founder of Effort-Free Media

"In a world where building your personal brand matters more than ever before, Rob Brown has produced a book full of practical advice for those individuals who understand that managing their Reputation cannot merely be left to chance" 
Grant Leboff, CEO of

“If you want to be an influential and impactful leader, then you are going to need a strong reputation and a strong network.”
This insightful and practical book will give you the tools and methods you need to build both.”
Simon Hazeldine Bestselling author of ‘Neuro-Sell: How Neuroscience Can Power Your Sales Success’