Twenty-First Century Grail

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What would happen if someone were charged with a modern-day quest to find the Holy Grail? What mysteries would they uncover? Where might their journey lead them and would they find the true Grail? The Holy Grail—the cup of the Last Supper used to collect the holy blood of Jesus—has a darker side than the one known from medieval romance. Extraordinary new evidence about the true origins of this sacred vessel unveils a 2,000-year-old secret teaching passed down from the time of Christ concerning the dual role played in the foundation of the Christian Church by Mary Magdalene and John the Evangelist. These forbidden teachings were suppressed by the Church of Rome, yet they managed to survive as part of an underground stream of knowledge kept alive by the Cathar heretics of the French Languedoc, the Knights Templar, Renaissance painters, and modern occultists such as Aleister Crowley. This gripping personal quest into the cryptic and shadowy world of arcane societies and esoteric knowledge takes the reader on a journey of visions and mystery before culminating in a dramatic conclusion. Herein lies the colorful and passionate story of strange Gnostic sects and the dark side of Catholic history. Twenty-First Century Grail kicks the Grail legend into modern era and redefines its boundaries for a new generation.


Andrew Collins is the author of Gateway to Atlantis and the coauthor of Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy.