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More About This Title Notebooks


In this gorgeously illustrated book, trained artist Betty Churcher leads a personal tour of masterpieces by Rembrandt, Goya, Manet, Velázquez, Courbet, Vermeer, and Cézanne. Detailed and passionate, this account describes the paintings’ kinship to other works and their places within art history, providing the insight of a significant contributor to the Australian art world as she embarks on an international journey to commit beloved artworks to memory before further degeneration of her eyesight. It also includes Churcher’s sketches, which reveal the secrets within the famous artworks and the processes involved in their creation.


Betty Churcher has been the art critic for the Australian, and director for the Art Gallery of Western Australia as well as the National Gallery of Australia. She is an adjunct professor for the Center for Cross-Cultural Research at the Australian National University and the author of The Art of War, Molvig: The Lost Antipodean, and Understanding Art.


“Notebooks is a rewarding memoir: a careful calibration of beautifully reproduced art works . . . . few are equipped to provide such distilled observations.”  —Patricia Anderson, Weekend Australian

“Churcher writes with clarity and humility as she leads the reader to discover intimate details of the paintings and experience their exquisite beauty.”  — Frank Nolan Ballarat, Courier

“A beautifully produced memoir with her own drawings and notes beside the originals.”  —Jean Ferguson, Illawarra Mercury