Queen Elizabeth's Wooden Teeth

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No more shall we meekly except the so-called accuracy of the "facts" that infiltrated our education system and society at large—it's time to set the record straight! Leading the way in this modern crusade, this informative and witty guide is devoted to revealing the many myths, falsehoods, fabrications, and general ambiguities that are rife in the annals of world history. For example, there was no King Arthur with a Round Table, Bolsheviks did not actually "storm" the Winter Palace, and of course Queen Elizabeth did not have wooden teeth! Written with wit and fascinating insight, and covering numerous subjects from royalty to religion, saints to statesmen, inventors to explorers, Queen Elizabeth’s Wooden Teeth will uncover the real facts from world history and cast aside the many fictions that have misled hapless generations for centuries.


Andrea Barham is also the author of The Pedant’s Revolt and The Pedant’s Return.