Single to Paris

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SOE agent Rosie Ewing, who has recently escaped from being deported to a death camp, is being flown home. However, as she returns, two SOE agents are arrested and held in Paris by the Gestapo—or someone worse. As Rosie knows these agents, she is sent back to try and rescue them. She starts with tracking down Jacqueline, a woman she recruited for some SOE work, but who has Nazi boyfriends. Jacqueline has moved to Paris with Gerhardt Clausen, a high-ranking member of the SD. When Rosie finds her, she warns her that when the war is over, Jacqueline faces severe treatment for having collaborated. Rosie offers her SOE protection, if she will introduce her to Gerhardt, whom she has heard is interrogating Yvette and Guillame, the two SOE agents. Gripping and authentic, Single to Paris concludes the four-volume Rosie Ewing series in a dramatically emphatic way.