Siege of Khartoum

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1884. Queen Victoria’s hero General Gordon is under siege. Hoards of Dervish warriors, loyal to the Mahdi, the Sudanese warlord and Messiah, are baying for British blood. With a small army and diminishing supplies, Gordon fears Khartoum will fall. Ex-captain and one-time subaltern Simon Fonthill is summoned to Cairo on a vital mission. He must enter the heavily guarded city undetected and make contact with Gordon ahead of the relief force. Together with comrade 352 Jenkins, Fonthill makes the treacherous journey across the Nile. But when they’re captured by a sadistic Dervish patrol, it seems hope of a British victory is all but lost. Can Fonthill and Jenkins survive interrogation and save Khartoum?


John Wilcox is a former international journalist.


"Fonthill rivals Bernard Cornwell’s Richard Sharpe series in military action and characterization."  —Historical Novels Review on The Diamond Frontier

"Standing alongside Wilbur Smith and Bernard Cornwell, Wilcox writes with an intimate knowledge of the African continent, an encyclopedic knowledge of the Victorian era when the British Empire was at its peak, and all the dash of a great adventurer."  —Nottingham Evening Post on The Guns of El Kebir

"If you're looking for wartime adventure in the tradition of Bernard Cornwell and C. S. Forester and a hero to match Sharpe or Hornblower, then search no more."  —Northern Echo on The Guns of El Kebir