The Lazy Girl's Guide to Good Health

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Lazy girls aren't really lazy, but they are too busy working, playing and generally having a good time to worry about their health. What they need is an instant guide to staying and becoming healthy, but one with a difference: one that is serious but doesn't need to be taken too seriously; one that is practical but doesn't require too much practice; one that doesn't take too long to read, and might fit into a handbag. In a non-medical, authoritative yet entertaining way, this book offers instant workable health solutions such as cures for: hangovers and sex problems; bad skin and PMS; fatigue and depression; diet and sleep problems; and general everyday hassles that get lazy girls down. As well as offering short-term practical solutions, the book provides long-term health pointers in an easy, humorous manner. The Lazy Girl's Guide to Good Health is the essential guide for girls who know they need to improve aspects of their life and health, but, being lazy, don't want to change their lives in any major way.


Anita Naik is a freelance journalist who has written for such magazines as Glamour. Her previous titles include Babe Bible, FlirtologyThe Lazy Girl's Guide to a Fabulous BodyThe Lazy Girl's Guide to Good Sex, and Think Yourself Gorgeous.