The New You

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Is your life getting you down? Do you hate your figure, loathe your career, or have a sinking feeling when you think about your finances and relationships? Can't afford a life coach but want one? Need a personal trainer but are too afraid to face one? Wish you'd win the lottery because you're drowning in debt and stuck in a job that's mundane to the point of tedium? Well, The New You is the lifestyle boost you need! A clear-cut, practical guide on how to get from who you are now to who you dream of being in just four weeks. Read it and find out: What's holding you back in your life; How to conquer your fears, and out dated self-beliefs; What to do to kick-start instant change; How to empower yourself and tackle problems head on; and what steps to take to start making your dreams a reality. With the help of expert advice, proven tips and a 28-day jumpstart plan uncover the new, brighter and happier you.


Anita Naik is a freelance journalist who has written for magazines including Glamour and Red.