Kitchen Table Tycoon

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For many mothers, running a business from home in order to cut child care fees and see more of their children is an ideal but tricky situation. This instructional guidebook provides the true, nitty-gritty details on what it really means to start and run a business from your kitchen table. Information is included on how to juggle family, work, and alone time as well as how to handle mommy guilt and work guilt. Tips on the business side are also provided, including researching a business idea, estimating start-up costs, and navigating through the inevitable ups and downs. Filled with inspiring stories and advice from successful entrepreneurial mothers, even the most nervous of moms can learn how to have a great business and a great life.


Anita Naik is the author of several books for women, including Babe Bible, The Lazy Girl's Guide to a Fabulous Body, The Lay Girl's Guide to Good Health, and Naughty But Nice.