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If life is trying your patience and fraying your nerves, help is at hand with Pocket Babe—your essential guide to life's daily dilemmas. Read on and find out how to shop smartly on a limited budget, look irresistible to the opposite sex, and appear five years younger on just four hours sleep. Discover secret ways to deal with exasperating work colleagues, how to wangle time off work and even how to make a quickle count! Whatever your annoyance here's all you need to know and more. A modern-day upbeat advice book for women who want quick fixes to their lives. Divided into sections including home, sex, going out and work, Pocket Babe focuses on expert advice that will make your life easier.


Anita Naik is a freelance journalist who has written for New Woman, Zest, Red, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Now. She is author of The Lazy Girl's Guide to Good Health, The Lazy Girl's Guide to Good Sex, The Lazy Girl's Guide to Beauty, The Lazy Girl's Guide to a Fabulous Body, as well as the best-selling The Little Book of Exam Calm. She lives in London.