Bandit Country

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South Armagh was first described as "Bandit Country" by Merlyn Rees when he was Northern Ireland's Secretary of State, and for nearly three decades it has been the most dangerous posting in the world for soldiers. Toby Harnden has stripped away the myth and propaganda associated with South Armagh to produce one of the most compelling and important books of the subject. Drawing on secret documents and interviews in South Armagh’s recent history, he tells the inside story of how the IRA came close to bringing the British state to its knees. For the first time, the identities of the men behind the South Quay and Manchester bombings are revealed. Packed with new information, Bandit Country penetrates the IRA and the security forces in South Armagh.


Toby Harnden was appointed Irish Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph in 1996. He was one of the first journalists at the scene of the IRA's Docklands bomb and, after moving to Belfast, reported on the second IRA ceasefire, the Good Friday Agreement, and the Omagh bombing. He was recently appointed The Daily Telegraph’s bureau chief in Washington.