How to Be a Super Reader

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A practical guide to improving reading speed, boosting comprehension, and enhancing powers of recall—ideal for professionals, students, people for whom English is their second language, and dyslexic readers Packed with tools and techniques from the author's 14 years of experience teaching professionals and students of all ages, this book can help readers overcome poor reading habits that hold back the ability to read at high speeds with good comprehension and recall. It includes memory training; information on learning, attitude, and achievement; and unique exercises which teach readers to mentally process multiple words at a glance, thus increasing reading speed, comprehension, and accuracy. These techniques can save readers up to 10 hours a week—a must for students and anyone who has to deal with a sea of emails and reports as part of their working day. The results are quick, sustainable, and grow over time with minimal effort.    


Ron Cole has taught speed reading in corporations, schools, and organizations for 14 years. His Superreading TM courses have adapted to the changing needs of readers as technology has transformed the way we receive and display information.