Indian Summer

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Will Randall thought teaching in an inner-London comprehensive was a tough job. But that was nothing compared to the next assignment: saving a slum school in the Indian city of Poona. Learning as much as he is teaching, Will finds his life transformed by his remarkable class of orphans: Dulabesh, the head-standing joker who lost his parents on a crowded railway platform; Prakash, who learned self-sufficiency by scavenging in dumpsters; the charmingly madcap Tanushri, fan of the singer "Maradona." When the slumlords threaten to level the school, Will hits upon the idea of a fund-raiser to save it: a stage production of the 24,000-verse Indian epic, The Ramayana, ever so slightly condensed…By turns funny and poignant, this is a gloriously life-affirming account of the India tourists never see.


Will Randall was born in 1966 and educated in London. He is a teacher. His next book is a travel book on Botswana.