The Endorphin Effect

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Endorphins are the miracle hormones. Found in everyone, they kill pain, provide the foundation for good health, and create the physical sensations of pleasure. They are responsible for the euphoria of athletes and the pleasure of lovemaking. In The Endorphin Effect William Bloom presents a major breakthrough in the field of healthcare and personal development. He reveals a revolutionary method that enables you to produce endorphins for vitality and a positive mood whenever you want, even when exhausted or in a crisis. Discover how to use The Endorphin Effect for an easy and effective program of healthcare, healing, and self-improvement. Use it to boost your enjoyment of life, build good health, improve your relationships at home and at work, and enhance your performance in every aspect of your life.


William Bloom is a holistic teacher and the author of several books, including Feeling Safe and Psychic Protection.