Dogs Hanging Out of Windows

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Capturing the strange and wonderful expressions of dogs hanging out of windows

Ears flapping, eyes wide, and nose twitching: a dog hanging out of a window is a spectacular sight. Capturing these moments of delight and canine curiosity, this book is an anthology of beautiful photographs of man's best friend in motion. Dogs of all shapes and sizes from all over the world are represented here, majestically alert and gazing triumphantly towards the horizon. Whether cute, powerful, uplifting, or heart-warming, these striking images stir up the emotions of joy we feel towards our loveable companions. These stunning portraits showcase some of the best and most vibrant pet photography from around the globe.


"Dog owners rejoice! . . . A book that captures the joyous, nose-twitching expressions of dogs as they hang their heads out of car windows. With over 90 beautiful portraits of mutts in motion, what's not to love?"  —Too Cute Magazine