Two Little Aliens

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Two little aliens come to Earth, looking for fun! A park seems the perfect place to start, but even the simplest things can seem pretty confusing when you're new to the planet.

When two little aliens in a passing rocket spot the most exciting thing ever, they can't wait to land on Earth to investigate. They've discovered a playground! It is full of fun-looking things like a seesaw, a sandpit, and even an ice-cream kiosk. The thing is, the aliens have never been to a playground before, so they don't know how anything works. Hilarious confusion soon ensues until new friends show them how to have fun. Sam tells this charming and funny tale with her well-renowned quirky sense of humor. Children will delight in knowing what the two little alien friends are getting wrong on each page and, naturally, there's a very happy ending extolling the virtues of friendship and helping others.


Sam Lloyd is the author and illustrator of such popular titles as Calm Down, Boris!; Crunchy Croc; What Color Is Your Underwear?; and Mr. Pusskins, a New York Times bestseller for which she won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize.