Facon de Parler French Practical Grammar

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More About This Title Facon de Parler French Practical Grammar


Façon de Parler French Practical Grammar is a brand new reference and grammar practice book containing clear, accessible grammar explanations with examples and extension in both French and English. All the explanations follow a simple two-step approach: basic rules, where forms and examples are presented in a simple and accessible way before learners move on to more complex uses and forms of the same items.Throughout there are examples of everyday language to show grammar being used naturally, and these are paired with translations to illustrate how the two languages coincide or differ. Numerous cross-references highlight related grammatical points.The book also contains a glossary of grammatical terms, guidance on pronunciation and spelling, a reference section with verb tables and an exercise key. There is a wealth of practice and extension tasks designed to complement the grammar, test your knowledge and help you consolidate what you have learned. The book is ideal for learners wishing to study French grammar systematically, as well as those who are looking to practice their grammar skills at a deeper level.


Angela Aries taught many years of French and English (as a second language) in further education colleges throughout England, as well as an examiner for both written and oral French. Dominique Debney is a former lecturer at Seevic, a further education college in Essex. She has taught preparation classes for the Intermediate Diploma of the Institute of Linguists. She also has many years of experience teaching at the secondary level and as an examiner for French General Certificate of Seconday Education (writing) and A level (oral).