How to Remember (Almost) Everything, Ever

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Struggling to remember all that information they're stuffing you with at school? Want to impress your friends with amazing memory feats? Can't keep on top of all your online passwords? Then you need this book! Packed with cool tricks and fun exercises, How to Remember (Almost) Everything, Ever will help you hone your memory to superhero standards. Learn how imagining a walk down your street can help you remember a shopping list, how you can memorize a phone number by picturing the digits as letters, and how music, rhymes, and even smells can help. Find out what you brain has in common with a computer, how spies committed things to memory, and how to flummox your parents with memory tricks. A completely updated, re-illustrated, and redesigned edition of the book. How to Remember (Almost) Everything, Ever is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their study skills and make their memory the best it can be.


Rob Eastaway is a writer, speaker, and consultant whose books include What is a Googly? and Why Do Buses Come in Threes?