Animal Tales

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A long-awaited new collection of 16 hilarious tales from the mind of a comic genius

A dog who just cannot understand why he is not allowed to practice medicine, a fox who runs a circus of trained chickens, a flea who thinks he is the manager of a chain of megastores, and a skunk who falls madly in love with a bear—these are some of the stars of these inventive tales about the wonders of the animal kingdom. Young readers will meet these absurd characters and more in a fantastic new collection of tales for children of all ages.


Terry Jones is a historian, performer, director, and writer for film, radio, and television; but is perhaps best known as a scriptwriter and member of the Monty Python team. He is the author of Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book and Terry Jones' Barbarians, as well as such children's titles as Bedtime Stories. Michael Foreman is a Kate Greenaway Award– and Smarties Book Prize–winning illustrator who has worked on a vast range of children's books. He is the author and illustrator of several books, including Cat in the Manger, Classic Fairy Tales, and Hello World


"Amazingly funny." —Denver Post