Tovrea Castle
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For more than 80 years, the remarkable, wedding cake-like structure located on the eastern fringe of Phoenix has intrigued residents and visitors alike. Perched on a granite promontory, Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights reflects the dreams of several people. Alessio Carraro started construction in 1929, but the Depression spoiled his dream of a magnificent resort. E. A. Tovrea purchased the property in 1931 but died soon thereafter. Tovrea's widow, Della, after marrying William Plato Stuart in 1936, moved back and forth between the castle and Prescott, depending on the weather. When Stuart died in 1960, Della lived in the castle until her death in 1969. For many years after her death, the castle stood lonely and neglected, and it held its mystique because few people were ever invited inside. In 1993, the castle and surrounding acreage were acquired by the City of Phoenix for a new purpose: transformation into a city park.


Author Donna J. Reiner and local historian John L. Jacquemart gathered vintage images from archives in Arizona and Texas, as well as from personal collections of Carraro and Tovrea family members. Images of America: Tovrea Castle provides an inside look at the people connected to the castle and the history of this special place.