Prayers for New and Expecting Moms
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Michele Howe is a book reviewer for Publishers Weekly, CBA Marketplace, and CCM Magazine. Michele has published over 700 articles and reviews and is the author of Going It Alone: Meeting the Challenges of Being a Single Mom, Pilgrim Prayers for Single Mothers, Successful Single Moms, as well as Prayers to Nourish a Woman’s Heart, Prayers for Homeschool Moms, and Prayers of Comfort and Strength (from Jossey-Bass).



Part One: Life Transitions.

1. He or She?

2. Ball Baby.

3. Weighty Matters.

4. Just Concerns.

5. Options, Please.

6. Late Notice.

7. Difficult Reminders.

8. Body by Design.

9. Sanctuary.

10. Double Duty.

11. Stay-at-Home Mom.

Part Two: The Littlest Big Adjustments.

12. New Moves.

13. Desperation Detour.

14. Body Wars.

15. The Most Precious Commodity.

16. Decisions, Decisions.

17. Deep Breath, Please.

18. Separate Ways.

19. Costly Investment.

20. By Grace I Stand.

21. Picture Perfect.

Part Three: Different Dreams.

22. A Real Mess.

23. The Opposite Sex.

24. Minor Inconvenience.

25. Detour Ahead.

26. Two Views.

27. The Perfect Child.

28. Clockwatcher.

29. A New Tradition.

30. Wise Ways.

Part Four: Nurturing a Joyous Spirit.

31. Swing Shift.

32. Instructive Introspection 104

33. The Tough Good News 107

34. Rest Stop 110

35. In Sync 113

36. Operation Baby 116

37. Vital Information 119

38. Remembering You 122

39. Another Bug 125

40. Rod of Correction 128

Part Five: Living Outside the Box and Loving It!

41. Double Take.

42. Showers of Blessing.

43. Little Differences.

44. Super Mom.

45. Imitate Whom?

46. Setting Sail.

47. Under Debate.

48. Shoptalk.

49. Anniversary.

50. Sequencing.

51. Baby Lovers Wanted.

52. First Petition.


The author.


"In this wonderful book, Michele wraps hope-filled words around the wild variety of thoughts and feelings women experience before giving birth. Her inspirational stories will stimulate your mind and bring peace to your heart as you await the arrival of your precious gift from God."
— Pam Vredevelt, best-selling author of the Espresso for a Woman's Spirit series, the Letting Go series, and Empty Arms: Emotional Support for Those Who Have Suffered a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Tubal Pregnancy

"Prayer is an essential tool in building a positive homelife. Michele Howe provides fresh thoughts and enduring hope for moms. Heartfelt stories, meaningful prayers, and life-giving scriptures create a powerful combination for this tremendous book. Prayers for New and Expecting Moms touches the heart while encouraging the soul."
— Karol Ladd, author, The Power of a Positive Mom

"An honest look at the trepidation, disappointment, anticipation, and joy facing new and expectant mothers, from the apprehension of putting a career on hold to the disquietude of a possible miscarriage and from the frustration of lopsided parenting responsibilities to the bleary-eyed sleeplessness of those first few months after childbirth. Michele Howe not only validates feelings women commonly have (but rarely share) about motherhood but also skillfully brings the reader into genuine prayer before a loving God, who understands both the rewards and challenges of mothering."
— Rhonda Owens, former assistant bookstore manager, music reviewer and writer for CBA Marketplace and CCM Magazine

"The moment we learn we are pregnant, we step into a world we've never known. The range of emotions can be unpredictable and the intensity overwhelming— and that's just the first thirty seconds. Left alone, new mothers would be overwhelmed; with God's help, we survive the endless challenges, celebrate the indescribable joys, and express gratitude for the privilege. Against this backdrop, Michele Howe offers realistic scenarios and heartfelt prayers for those poised on the edge of life's greatest adventure: motherhood."
— Dr. Mary Manz Simon, practical parenting specialist and media personality