Geophysiology of Amazonia: Vegetation and ClimateInteractions
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More About This Title Geophysiology of Amazonia: Vegetation and ClimateInteractions


Looks at the most important processes linking climate and vegetation in the tropics in general and in the Amazon in particular. Through individual reviews by some of the world's leading scientists, it covers such subjects as modeling tropical meteorology and climate, tropical microclimatology, connections of vegetation to climate, and impacts of tropical deforestation on regional and global climate. Editorial summaries integrate this material into an overall perspective. Features an essay on protecting the global environment by James Lovelock.


I. Climate, Vegetation, and Human Interactions in the Amazon

1. Introduction to Vegetation and Climate Interactions in the Humid Tropics

Robert E. Dickinson

2. Geophysiology: A New Look at Earth Science

James E. Lovelock

3. Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Soils in Amazonia: An Overview

Jesus Marden dos Santos

Comments by Robert E. Dickinson

4. Causes of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

Philip M. Fearnside

Comments by Roger Revelle

Reply to comments by Philip M. Fearnside

5. Dam Building in the Tropics: Some Environmental and Social Consequences

Peter Bunyard

6. Species Diversity, Phenology, Plant-Animal Interactions, and Their Correlation with Climate, as Illustrated by the Brazil Nut Family (Lecythidaceae)

Scott A. Mori and Ghillean T. Prance

7. Climate Change in the Humid Tropics, Especially Amazonia, Over the Last Twenty Thousand Years

Robert E. Dickinson and Hassan Virji

II. Biogeochemical Cycles in the Tropics

8. Role of the Tropics in Atmospheric Chemistry

Paul J. Crutzen

Comments by Steven C. Wofsy

9. Contribution of Tropical Ecosystems to the Global Budgets of Trace Gases, Especially CH4, H2, CO, and N2O

Wolfgang Seiler and Ralf Conrad

Comments by Ralph J. Cicerone

10. Influence of a Tropical Forest on Air Chemistry

Robert C. Harriss

11. Biological Processes and Productivity of Soils in the Humid Tropics

Patrick Lavelle

Comments by Rattan Lal

12. Effects of Deforestation on Soil Properties and Microclimate of a High Rain Forest in Southern Nigeria

B. S. Ghuman and Rattan Lal

13. Element Cycling in the Amazon Basin: A Riverine Perspective

Jeffrey E. Richey and Maria de Nazaré Goés Ribeiro

III. Climate, Micrometeorology, and the Hydrological Cycle in the Moist Tropics

14. Micrometeorology of an Amazonian Rain Forest

Luiz C. B. Molion

Comments by William E. Reifsnyder

15. The Forest and the Hydrological Cycle

Eneas Salati

Comments by John C. Rodda

16. Modeling Effects of Vegetation on Climate

Piers J. Sellers

Comments by Keith G. McNaughton

Reply to Comments by Piers J. Sellers

IV. Tropical Climate and General Circulation: Its Susceptibility to Human Intervention

17. Interactions Between Convective and Large-Scale Motions Over Amazonia

Jan Paegle

Comments by John M. Wallace

18. On the Dynamic Climatology of the Amazon Basin and Associated Rain-Producing Mechanisms

Luiz C. B. Molion

19. General Circulation Modeling and the Tropics

Jagadish Shukla

Comments by James E. Hansen

20. Effects of Change in Land Use on Climate in the Humid Tropics

Ann Henderson-Sellers

Comments by John S. Perry

V. Conference Discussions and Future Development: Scenario Workshop

Foreword to the Conference

Nelson de Jesus Parada

The Conference

Scenario Workshop and Recommendations