Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories
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More About This Title Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories


Glen Johnson began taking pictures in sixth grade. While struggling to combine his love of travel and photography into a career as a landscape photographer, he was asked to photograph his sister's wedding. Today, he travels the world shooting wedding photos. His work has won awards, but those he treasures most are the glowing testimonials of his clients. You can view Glen's work at




Part I: Understanding Digital Wedding Photography.

Chapter 1: The World of Wedding Photography.

Chapter 2: Developing Your Own Style.

Chapter 3: Choosing the Right Equipment for the Job.

Chapter 4: Creating Your Wedding Day Workflow.

Chapter 5: Composing Your Art.

Part II: Shooting Weddings on Location.

Chapter 6: Finding Beauty and Emotion in the Dressing Rooms.

Chapter 7: Shooting Outdoors.

Chapter 8: Shooting Indoors.

Chapter 9: Documenting the Ceremony.

Chapter 10: Capturing Candid Moments.

Chapter 11: Creating Romance in the Magic Hour.

Chapter 12: Jazzing Up the Reception.

Chapter 13: Destination Weddings.

Part III: The Business of Digital Wedding Photography.

Chapter 14: Creating Your Own Workspace.

Chapter 15: Working in a Digital Studio.

Chapter 16: Creating the Finished Product.