A History of Modern Psychology, Third Edition
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More About This Title A History of Modern Psychology, Third Edition


With the Third Edition of Goodwin's A History of Modern Psychology, students will learn about the fascinating men and women who helped create and shape the field of psychology. They will also develop a deeper understanding of the many interconnections that exist among the different areas of psychology. Goodwin's book not only provides accounts of the lives and contributions of psychology's pioneers set into historical context; it also contains original writings by these psychologists, interwoven with informative comments from the author. The text is written in a conversational and engaging style with discrete attention to recent scholarship in the history of psychology, especially that of the past 150 years.


Chapter 1. Introducing Psychology's History.

Chapter 2. The Philosophical Context.

Chapter 3. The Neurophysiological Context.

Chapter 4. Wundt and German Psychology.

Chapter 5. Darwin's Century: Evolutionary Thinking.

Chapter 6. American Pioneers.

Chapter 7. Structuralism and Functionalism.

Chapter 8. Applying the New Psychology.

Chapter 9. Gestalt Psychology.

Chapter 10. The Origins of Behaviorism.

Chapter 11. The Evolution of Behaviorism.

Chapter 12. Mental Illness and its Treatment.

Chapter 13. Psychology's Practitioners.

Chapter 14. Psychological Science in the Post-War Era.

Chapter 15. Linking Psychology's Past and Present.