Professional XNA Game Programming
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Benjamin Nitschke ( Hannover, Germany) is a professional game developer at exDream entertainment, creators of "Arena Wars", and Armies of Steel.  Benny is well known as the creator of the first .NET 2.0 Game Rocket Commander which is the featured gaming project on Microsoft’s Coding4Fun website and includes 10 video tutorials for aspiring game programmers. Benjamin is a Microsoft DirectX Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and writes a popular blog about game development located at




Part I: XNA Framework Basics.

1. Introducing XNA.

2. Creating Your First Game: Pong.

3. Helper Classes.

4. Game Components.

Part II: Basic Graphics Engine.

5. Writing Your Own XNA Graphics Engine.

6. Shader Management.

7. Realism Through Normal Mapping.

8. Post-Screen Shaders and the Rocket Commander Game.

Part III: Improving Your Game Engine.

9. Adding Sound with XACT.

10. Player Input and the User Interface.

11. Creating XNA Shooter.

Part IV: Writing a Racing Game.

12. Generating Landscapes and Tracks.

13. Physics.

14. Fine-Tuning and "Modding" the Racing Game.

Appendix A: Resources.