Handbook of Psychology, Volume 10: Assessment Psychology
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More About This Title Handbook of Psychology, Volume 10: Assessment Psychology


Includes established theories and cutting-edge developments.Presents the work of an international group of experts.Presents the nature, origin, implications, an future course of major unresolved issues in the area.


Handbook of Psychology Preface (I. Weiner).

Volume Preface (J. Graham & J. Naglieri).



1. The Assessment Process (I. B. Weiner).

2. Clinical Judgment and Mechanical Prediction (H. N. Garb).

3. Psychometric Characteristics of Assessment Procedures (J. D. Wasserman & B. A. Bracken).

4. Bias in Psychological Assessment: An Empirical Review and Recommendations (C. Reynolds & M. C. Ramsay).

5. Testing and Assessment in Cross-Cultural Psychology (K. F. Geisinger).

6. Psychological Assessment in Treatment (M. E. Maruish).

7. Computerized Psychological Assessment (J. N. Butcher).

8. Ethical Issues in Psychological Assessment (G. P. Koocher & C. Rey-Casserly).

9. Education and Training in Psychological Assessment (L. Handler & A. J. Clemence).


10. Psychological Assessment in Adult Mental Health Settings (R. M. Bagby, et al.).

11. Psychological Assessment in Child Mental Health Settin gs (D. Lachar).

12. Psychological Assessment in School Settings (J. Braden).

13. Psychological Assessment in Medical Settings (J. J. Sweet, et al.).

14. Psychological Assessment in Industrial/Organizational Settings (R. Klimoski & L. Zukin).

15. Psychological Assessment in Forensic Settings (J. R. P. Ogloff & K. S. Douglas).

16. Psychological Assessment in Correctional Settings (E. I. Megargee).

17. Psychological Assessment in Geriatric Settings (B. A. Edelstein, et al.).


18. Assessment of Intellectual Functioning (J. D. Wasserman).

19. Assessment of Neuropsychological Functioning (K. Podell, et al.).

20. Assessment of Interests (R. L. Lowman & A. D. Carson).

21. Assessing Personality and Psychopathology with Interviews (R. J. Craig).

22. Assessment of  Psychopathology with Behavioral Approaches (W. H. O'Brien, et al.).

23. Assessing Personality and Psychopathology with Projective Methods (D. J. Viglione & B. Rivera).

24. Assessing Personality and Psychopathology with Self-Report Inventories (Y. S. Ben-Porath).

25. Current Status and Future Directions of Assessment Psychology (J. A. Naglieri & J. R. Graham).

Author Index.

Subject Index.