Noise and Vibration Control Engineering: Principles and Applications
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More About This Title Noise and Vibration Control Engineering: Principles and Applications


About the editors LEO L. BERANEK is cofounder and former President of Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc., a Massachusetts-based consulting firm. A registered professional engineer, Dr. Beranek received his DSc in communications engineering from Harvard University. He serves as President of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and is a fellow of many professional organizations, including the Acoustical Society of America and the American Physical Society. Dr. Beranek is the author of more than 150 scientific papers and seven books, including Noise and Vibration Control, Noise Reduction, and Acoustics. ISTVÁN L. VÉR is Principal Consultant at Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. He received his PhD with a thesis in acoustics from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Dr. Vér is the author of more than 125 publications which include book chapters, articles, papers, and sponsored technical reports. He is a past recipient of the Senior U.S. Scientist Award of the Alexander yon Humboldt Foundation of Germany and the Crosby Field Award of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers.


Basic Acoustical Quantities (L. Beranek).

Waves and Impedances (L. Beranek).

Data Analysis (A. Piersol).

Determination of Sound Power Levels and Directivity of Noise Sources (L. Beranek, et al.).

Outdoor Sound Probagation (G. Anderson & U. Kurze).

Sound in Small Enclosures (D. Nefske & S. Sung).

Noise in Rooms (M. Hodgson & A. Warnock).

Sound Absorbing Materials and Sound Absorbers (F. Mechel & I. Ver).

Interaction of Sound Waves with Solid Structures (I. Ver).

Passive Silencers and Lined Ducts (A. Galaitsis & I. Ver).

Vibration Isolation (E. Ungar).

Structural Damping (E. Ungar).

Enclosures and Wrappings (I. Ver).

Noise of Gas Flows (M. Howe & H. Baumann).

Active Noise Control (L. Eriksson).

Damage Risk Criteria for Hearing and Human Body Vibration (H. von Gierke & C. Wilson).

Criteria for Noise and Vibration in Communities, Buildings and Vehicles (L. Beranek).

Prediction of Machinery Noise (E. Wood).

Noise and Vibration Control of the Internal Combustion Reciprocating Engine (T. Priede).

Noise and Vibration of Electrical Machinery (P. Timar-Peregrin).

Elements of Gear Noise Prediction (W. Mark).