The Graphic Designer's Guide to Portfolio Design
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More About This Title The Graphic Designer's Guide to Portfolio Design


DEBBIE ROSE MYERS, MFA, EDS, is a graphic design and multimedia instructor at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. She teaches the portfolio design course and specializes in the development of curricula for graphic design and multimedia programs.



Chapter 1: The Portfolio Process—Start to Finish.

Chapter 2: Planning Your Portfolio.

Chapter 3: The Traditional Portfolio: The Resume, Cover Letter, and Business Card.

Chapter 4: The Traditional Portfolio: Design and Art Projects.

Chapter 5: The Digital Portfolio: CD-ROMs and Web Sites.

Chapter 6: The Digital Portfolio: Technical Elements.

Chapter 7: The Design Phase.

Chapter 8: Working with Type.

Chapter 9: Maneuvering around Your Site: Navigation.

Chapter 10: Advanced Design Techniques.

Chapter 11: Designer Checklists.

Chapter 12: Taking Interviews and Presenting Your Portfolio.


Appendix: Internet Resources.