UNIX C Shell Desk Reference
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This book's real strength is as an introduction to the UNIX system for beginners who want to master the C shell thoroughly before moving on to the vast array of utilities and other features that UNIX offers.


What Are the Capabilities of the C Shell?.

Managing Your Current Working Directory.

Using History Functions of the C Shell.

Handling Input and Output.

Defining Your Own Commands.

Defining Your Own Variables.

Variables that Have Special Meaning to C Shell.

Creating and Testing Command Scripts.

Creating and Modifying Filenames.

Running Multiple Commands at the Same Time.

Controlling the Flow Through Scripts.

Testing Conditions in Script.

Handling Input and Output in Command Scripts.

Defining Your Own Expressions.

Starting and Ending User Sessions.

Displaying and Managing Resource Usage.

Example Command Scripts.

C Shell Messages.

Tricks of the UNIX Trade.