Influence Without Authority
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Today, professionals and managers experience great increases in responsibility without parallel increases in authority. It shows how to attain cooperation from other managers who command resources, information, or potential support but who are not required to collaborate. Discusses how to negotiate exchanges to get what you need to get the work done—especially how to think in terms of the interests of fellow managers and workers and the ``currencies'' these people trade in. Shows subordinates how to get support from superiors and collaboration from peers, how to take responsibility, get challenging tasks, and cultivate appropriate work conditions.


Partial table of contents:

Influence and the New World of Work.

The Law of Reciprocity: Exchange as the Basis for Influence.

The Power of Mutual Exchange: Getting What You Want and Giving Others What They Need.

Goods and Services: The Currencies of Exchange.

Knowing What They Want: Understanding the World of Your Allies.

You Are More Powerful Than You Think: Understanding Your Own World.

Building Effective Relationships: The Art of Finding and Developing Your Allies.

Exchange Strategies.

Lessons from a Determined Influencer: The Rise, Fall--and Eventual Resurrection--of Monica Ashley and ``Project Hippocrates''.

Becoming a Partner with Your Boss: Influence Without Authority Raised to the Highest Level.

When You Can No Longer Catch Flies with Honey: Hardball Strategies for Influence.