Architectural Detailing: Function, Constructability, Aesthetics
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More About This Title Architectural Detailing: Function, Constructability, Aesthetics


Describes systematically and in readily usable form the principles by which good architectural details are designed. The principles are laid out in 83 brief but profusely illustrated ``detail patterns''. The first section examines each of the patterns and illustrates several instances of its use. The latter part demonstrates the execution of these patterns in the design of key details for three different buildings types. Extensively illustrated.



Function: Controlling Water Leakage.

Function: Controlling Air Leakage.

Function: Controlling Heat Flow.

Function: Controlling Water Vapor.

Function: Controlling Sound.

Function: Accommodating Movement.

Function: Providing Structural Support.

Function: Providing Passages for Mechanical and Electrical Services.

Function: Health and Safety.

Function: Providing for the Aging of the Building.

Constructibility: Introduction.

Constructibility: Ease of Assembly.

Constructibility: Forgiving Details.

Constructibility: Efficient Use of Construction Resources.

Aesthetics: Introduction.


Applying the Detail Patterns.

Detailing a Building in Wood Light Framing.

Detailing a Building in Architectural Concrete.

Detailing a Brick Facing on a Concrete Frame.

The Detailer's Reference Shelf.

Formulating Exercises for Self-Study or Classroom Use.