Modern Regression Methods
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THOMAS P. RYAN is Professor of Statistics at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia, and the author of Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement, also published by Wiley.


Diagnostics and Remedial Measures.

Regression with Matrix Algebra.

Introduction to Multiple Linear Regression.

Plots in Multiple Regression.

Transformations in Multiple Regression.

Selection of Regressors.

Polynomial and Trigonometric Terms.

Logistic Regression.

Nonparametric Regression.

Robust Regression.

Ridge Regression.

Nonlinear Regression.

Experimental Designs for Regression.

Applications of Regression.




" excellent book...worthwhile for anyone that uses regression techniques to obtain their own copy of this book..." (Australian & New Zealand J Statistics, 2000)

"In this book on modern regression methods, Ryan presents "state-of-the-art" regression concepts? Highly recommended for upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and professionals."

"This textbook provides a very thorough treatment of regression approaches, including techniques not covered in many books.... This textbook is quite useful and provides excellent references.... I would definitely recommend purchasing the book for research and teaching purposes." (Technometrics, Vol. 39, No. 4, Nov. 1997)

"...has considerable potential as an undergraduate text for regression...also deep enough to be used as a reference on regression topics for the practicing statistician..." (Journal of the American Statistical Association)

"...surprisingly easy to read...highly recommended for use as a textbook..." (Chance, Summer 2003)