Principles of Genetics, 8th Edition
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This Eighth Edition offers clear, comprehensive and unique coverage of genetics, with an emphasis on applications, written primarily for students. Provides up-to-date coverage of the most recent techniques used in modern genetics such as gene cloning and Southern, Western and Northern blot analyses of genes and gene products. Rather than simply treating the somewhat esoteric principles of genetics in abstraction, Gardner's text stands apart from most other introductory texts in that it stresses actual and potential future applications of the principles discussed, particularly in agriculture and medicine. Among the specifc topics covered are cell mechanics; properties and replication; chromosome mapping; gene expression; mutation; gene cloning; genetic controls of immune response and cell division; genetic engineering and more.


Mendelian Genetics.

Cell Mechanics.

Sex Determination and Sex Linkage.

Genetic Material: Properties and Replication.

Structure and Replication of Eukaryotic Chromosomes.

Linkage, Crossing-Over, and Chromosome Mapping.

Recombination in Bacteria.

Transposable Genetic Elements.

Gene Expression.


Genetic Fine Structure: Classical Genetics.

Genetic Fine Structure: Gene Cloning and Sequencing.

Regulation of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes.

Regulation of Gene Expression and Development in Eukaryotes.

Genetic Control of the Immune Response.

Genetic Control of Cell Division: Oncogenes and Protooncogenes.

Variations in Chromosome Structure.

Variations in Chromosome Number.

Extrachromosomal Inheritance.

Quantitative Genetics.

Population and Evolutionary Genetics.

Genetics of Behavior.

Genetic Engineering and the Future.


Answers to Problems.