The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice,13th Edition
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More About This Title The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice,13th Edition


AIA Documents on CD-ROM.


An Overview of the Handbook.

Introduction: Practice in Transition.


Understanding Clients.

Clients and Change.

How Clients Choose Architects.

How Architects Choose Clients.

Working with Clients.


Firm Planning.

Marketing and Outreach.

Financial Operations.

Human Resources.


Delivery Methods and Compensation.

Contracts and Agreements.

Risk Management.

Technology and Information Systems.

Project Management.



Defining Services.

Planning-Predesign Services.

Design-Construction Services.

Operation-Maintenance Services.


Appendix A: Sources.

Appendix B: Definitions.

Appendix C: Documents Finder.

Appendix D: Sample AIA Documents.



"Our office would not function without at least one copy of The Architect's Handbook. It is an essential resource for our younger designers as well as those of us who have been around a long time." (Susan Maxman, FAIA Susan Maxman & Partners, Architects)

"We find the handbook to be a valuable resource, especially for our younger architects. Since most of our projects are based on the AIA Documents, the handbook serves as the glue that ties all of the loose ends together. We would have a hard time running our office without it." (J. Mark Schmidt AIA CSI CCS Senior Architect Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck Architecture)

"In today's business world, architects are encountering more demanding clients and competitors from both within and outside the world of architectural profession. To help architects deal with these challenges, the thirteenth edition of The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice departs from the viewpoint of earlier editions. It does so by redefining its audience, its content, and-at times-even the fundamental concept of the Handbook itself.
This Thirteenth Edition of the Handbook is written for journeymen architects seeking to introduce new services into their firms, to gain information about clients (including who they are and what motivates them), and to obtain information about best business practices. As a result, the organization of the Handbook has changed from an introspective "architect-firm project" view to a more embracing "client-business-delivery-services" orientation." (from "Practice in Transition", Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice 13e Robin M. Ellerthorpe, FAIA)

"Compiled by a team of experts from architecture, as well as Law, Business, and other professions, the Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice, Thirteenth Edition, provides a picture of architecture practice today by describing its varied components within a comprehensible and coherent framework. Its content and message will help architects refine or redefine their existing practices and build new ones to meet the demands and capture the opportunities of the emerging knowledge-based economy." (Architecture West, Jan/Feb 02)