Enterprise Security with EJB and CORBA
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BRET HARTMAN, nationally recognized expert on CORBA security, is Chief Technology Officer of the Hitachi Security Software Unit. He is a regular speaker and expert panelist on secure distributed systems and CORBA security.
DONALD J. FLINN is a security architect at Iona Technologies with over 25 years' experience in distributed object systems, including CORBA and Java security. He is chair of the Security SIG at the Object Management Group.
KONSTANTIN BEZNOSOV, PhD, is a Security Architect at Concept Five Technologies. As a coauthor of security-related CORBA standards and a former cochair of OMG's Security SIG, he has written widely on architectural issues of engineering secure enterprises.





An Overview of Enterprise Security Integration.

Securing EJB Components.

Securing CORBA Components.

Enterprise Security Technologies.

Interoperability of Cross-Domain Components.

Interoperability of EJB and CORBA Components.

Protecting Application Resources.

Scaleable Security Policies.

Planning a Secure Component System.

Building an Integrated Security System.